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It’s The Food That Binds


My sisters and I, and our brood met up at my parents’ place over the weekend. Apart from it being the first meet-up for 2012, it was also to celebrate the middle sister’s birthday. The middle sister (the home-based baker SugarFix ) was totally clueless about the party planned in her honour. She said, and I quote, “I just popped by for some food”. Yeah, right, sister!!

Of course, my mum took it as an opportunity to flex her kitchen prowess. She prepared… enough food to feed an army – Hainanese Chicken Rice, Fried Yee Mee and Yong Tau Fu. The youngest sister prepared a damned kick-ass chilli tuna casserole (a mistake that turned out right!!), which I manage to sneak a portion of for my packed lunch in the office today. I made brown sugar muffins with strawberry cheesecake filling and brought the Rojak Petis (my dad was so tempted to try it, even though he has a strong aversion to shrimp paste… LOL!) I made the day before.

part of the food spread

Suffice to say, we were all full to the gills, and there was even an impromptu magic show by my brother-in-law’s nephew… with burning wallets and smoky fingers.


When it came to cake, we took the easy way out and bought one. It simply doesn’t make sense to get the birthday girl to bake her own cake, right??

birthday cake

It was a great Sunday. Nothing less. Good food, great company, what else can I ask for? Happy Birthday, sister, and may you be blessed always, Insya-Allah!!

Apparently, I think I ate too much (impossible not to with mum’s chicken rice), because I woke up this morning feeling downright horrible. I put it to fatigue and lack of sleep that I was feeling this crummy and achy. The aches didn’t go away even with painkillers and a quick snooze during lunch break. By late evening, I was running the chills full-on and my temperature spiked. So to the doctor’s I went and got my medications (which were enough to open a pharmacy).

Right now, I’m all swaddled up in trekkies, socks, cardigan and blankets and waiting for the drugs  to kick in. Before my brain gets too cloudy and I forgot what happened over the weekend, I thought I’d knuckle down and get the blog entry up.

And one thing’s for sure: simple, uncomplicated, straight-forward comfort food’s on the menu tomorrow… Food to get over food. That’s me.

As the drugs finally kick in, I’ll leave you with a few shots of what I was up to on Sunday morning. Just for the kids – and I had loads of fun making them too: Alphabets Pancakes, inspired by jimspancakes! You must check out his blog, he is just awesome!!

boy's her'sme


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