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Birthdays and Cakes


So my little drama boy had his birthday last week. And his crazy (understatement there) mom decided to bite off more than she can chew. A fully frosted rainbow layer cake (+ lots of tears and cussings) and 48 rainbow cupcakes later… I am all baked-out. I swore never to be crazy again (hah!) and attempt such a thing again as I packed away my KM mixer back into its’ box. Not only did that grand misadventure suck up all of my energy, I was reduced to a blabbering fool as I struggled to string words together to make a sentence. Plus the fact I only had 3 hours of sleep in two days… the grey matter up there was in no mood to cooperate, coaxing it as gently as I could.

Cutting a long story short – cake was a success, though my frosting skills still suck. I will NOT be uploading the disastrous end product, in case it somehow ends up on . And thank goodness I still had a semblance of some sense to buy (oh, the blasphemy – supermum – yay!!) a back-up cake to bring to school for his birthday. The spawns of evil adorable children wiped out all the cupcakes and the store-bought chocolate truffle cake. The kids’ reaction when I walked into class with three cake boxes… priceless. Good thing their eyeballs didn’t start to roll all over the classroom floor. And me being a zombie, forgot to take pictures.

After singing the birthday song and cutting the cake, the kids lined up and were given a boring cupcake (at first) with boring cream cheese frosting and blah sprinkles on top. They were a little disappointed (ungrateful little devils), picking miserably on the cupcake’s frosting while eyeing the chocolate truffle cake longingly. But when they started to peel away the cupcake liners… all hell broke loose in class. Shrieks of “So pretty!” and “There’s a rainbow in my cake!” were heard all around. Needless to say, yeap, my cupcakes went down very well. After finishing their cupcakes, they lined up to get a slice of the chocolate cake. These little buggers have endless pits for stomachs, I guess, cos a two-kilogram cake was nearly wiped out in minutes!! And, erh, apologies to a few mothers, whose kids had frosting and cream and whatnots smeared all on the front of their school uniforms. Because they couldn’t wait to get back to their seats to eat the cake. Sheesh!!!

To borrow the idea (well, not the exact words) from one of my favourite mommy-chick-lit books “The Secret Mothers’ Club”… kids are simple to please. It doesn’t matter what kind of cake it is. Just slap on store-bought artificial frosting on a store-bought sponge cake, stick a few candles in ot and call it a birthday cake. In the end, who are you trying to impress? The kids or the adult? Or just plain selfish self satisfaction?

These words kept running through my mind as I limped my way to the doctor’s a few days later for my swollen knee. Yes, I am a warrior mother, and I am a sucker for self-inflicted torture.



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