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Time to wipe off the dust… and get my awful act together!!


It has been AGES since I last posted anything here. Felt a little stupid while trying to log-in to my blog just now. Not only did I have trouble finding the log-in button (BO…), I also forgot my password (…DOH!!!). Like a dear friend would say… “thirty-five thousand”.

School assignments and other mundane, eye-ball-gouging issues have siphoned whatever was left of my free time. Even my experimental activities went southwards. Raided my baking supplies early this month, and there were bags (!!!) of expired stuff that I had to match-make with Mr.GC. Found a few tools and stuff still intact and brand new in their packaging – a micro-plane (from Tangs), a mini-blowtorch (from Phoon Huat), a stack of new measuring cups (from NTUC) and tons of cupcake cases and parchment paper. Wastage alert!!!

I guess my sudden disinterest in baking was due partly also to my intensive effort to lose the jigglies. A little happy to report, I am s..l..o..w..l..y reaching my goal. But truthfully, gastronomical temptations… ohmyword… are my downfall. It doesn’t have to be fancy – softened cream cheese on lightly toasted bread, topped with strawberries or blueberries – easily make me smile. Heck, who am I kidding… bread slathered with condensed milk and heaped wtih powdered milo or freshly toasted bread with a thick layer of butter and sprinkled with sugar is enough to make me bounce off the walls!! What can I say, I am a Bread Baby ;P

Bear with me, okay, as I try to recap what the Kitchen Klutz has been up to for the past half a year? But first I’ve got to crank up Miss A, there’s some bread pudding to be baked for tonight’s night race on tv!!

Toffee Toodles now,


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